Pet Owners Deserve Better.
Support affordable medicine.
When it comes to making healthcare decisions for your pet, money should be the last thing on your mind. With the purchase of a Network membership, you support our relentless advocacy efforts to make pet medicine in Ontario more affordable and accessible.
Spend less.
Owning a pet shouldn’t mean sacrificing all of your disposable income. We offer exclusive deals on pet services, products, and food so that you can save big without compromising on quality.
Know more.
Conflicting information and contradicting viewpoints makes finding out what’s best for your pet harder than it ever should be. We offer leading, fact-checked resources that allow you to act confidently on the choices that matter most.
Be supported.
Too many pet owners are left to navigate the uncertainties and challenges that come with ownership alone. With a Network membership, you can access exclusive forums where our community of pet owners share solutions, referrals, and insights.
Get a better deal.
Inconsistent bylaws and regulations across Ontario arbitrarily force pet owners to live under unfair circumstances. When you join The Ontario Pet Owners Network, you support a representative body that continuously fights for fair and even treatment of pet owners in policy development across Ontario.
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Want to live in a world where The Ontario Pet Owners Network makes your life as a pet owner easier? Learn more about how you can join the movement and take back the power in the pet industry! See our fundraising campaign that will bring the Network to life.
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About Us

Pet Owners Deserve Better. We're Here to Make Sure They Get It.
Pets are supposed to make life better. Unfortunately, inequal representation in the pet industry has led to a landscape that makes owning a pet in Ontario more expensive, more difficult, and more stressful than it needs to be. Throughout the industry, representative bodies look out for the interests of the various corporations that merchandise and distribute pet food, medicine, and services. No one looks out for the individuals who fuel the industry by deciding to provide loving homes and happy lives for pets. No one except us.

At The Ontario Pet Owners Network, we’re not here to push any specific pet brand or service, we’re not here to look out for big corporations, and we’re not here to live off massive profit margins – we’re here for you.

Our association is a labour of love for our founder Dr. Howard Covant, a practicing veterinarian in Ontario for the past 30 years. Decades of experience taught Dr. Covant that his clients across the province would benefit greatly from an organization that serves a range of unmet needs. Hence the impetus to create the Ontario Pet Owners Network.

Vision: An Ontario where those who provide safe and loving homes for pets have the support they deserve.

Mission: To support and advocate for the pet owners of Ontario on matters of healthcare, product prices, service quality, and pet relevant by-laws and policy.

Our Priorites

Areas of Priority
We work in six distinct areas of priority to ensure that all dimensions of pet ownership are accounted for and supported by our association.

Product Affordability
We believe in providing pet owners with more affordable pet products in Ontario. We aim to assist owners in navigating the convoluted world of loyalty programs, and discounts.
We stand against any policy or practice that prevents pet owners from receiving the best possible value for their pet's healthcare. We work to ensure that pet medicines are always as accessible and affordable as possible.
Pet By-Laws and Policy
We advocate on behalf of pet owners and oppose baseless by-laws and policies that make life harder for pet owners. We will lend our perspective to help policymakers create fair, considerate, and reasonable by-laws and regulations for pet owners and work to ensure all pet owners in Ontario are more aware of their local by-laws and policies concerning their pets.
Service Costs and Standards of quality
We work to ensure pet owners have a better guarantee of quality and safety for their pets when soliciting pet related services (grooming, walking, sitting). We work to uphold and manage quality standards that uniquely apply to each form of pet service.
Proper Pet Aquisition and Care Practice
We are a thought leader and resource provider in the space of pet care and acquisition. Resources will help pet owners navigate the myriad of schools of thought, products, and routines that flood the pet care space, and empower them with objective guidance and advice.
Ownership Education
We work to empower pet owners with the tools and resources needed to provide their pets with lives and homes that are as humane and happy as possible.

How We Do It

How We Do It
We work to create better policies, fairer prices, and more equitable regulations for pet owners across the province. This work is driven by our fundamental belief that an easier life for owners means a better life for their pets.

  • As an advocate when policy issues are up for discussion.
  • Speaking to and for pet owners on policy and regulatory matters that impact them.
  • As a source of reliable, authoritative information on how to be good pet owners.
  • Best advice on how to buy and care for pets.
  • Ready access to relevant research on what matters and why.
  • As a way to make lasting connections with other pet owners and experts.
  • A forum where pet owners can share ideas, insights, tips, and referrals.
  • As a means to access better deals on goods and services.
  • Exclusive member discounts on a wide variety of pet products.
  • Yelp-like consumer reviews to create a better sense of transparency around pet goods and services.
  • Information on convenient health, grooming, supply and other services that support the Network's principles and members.

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